The Bonus Side Pots will be available for both the Friday night mini-tournament and the Saturday Main Event at a cost of $20 per person, per tournament.  You may participate in one or both of the Side Pots.

There are 9 payouts for the Side Pots.  Each pot is listed below with the contribution of the Side Pot entry listed.

Double Aces ($2.00 of the entry)
Double Kings ($2.00 of the entry)
Double Queens ($2.00 of the entry)
Double Jacks ($2.00 of the entry)
Double Run ($2.00 of the entry)
Boston ($2.00 of the entry)
Triple Pinochle ($2.00 of the entry)
High Game Score from all 8 Rounds ($5.00 of the entry)
Low Game Score for all 8 Rounds ($1.00 of the entry)

Multiple pots may be won.  If any pots are not won, we will draw a ticket for each pot.  Only those who participated in the Side Pots are eligible for the drawing.

Should there be a multiple qualifiers for the side pot during the first hand of any given round, the amount of the pot will be divided equally.

The multiple qualifiers applies ONLY TO THE FIRST HAND OF ANY ROUND.